The Benson Chimera Collection is out now!
Sought after by guitarists, recordists and engineers all over the world, Benson Amps are some of the most coveted boutique amplifiers and effects in existence. Utilizing component level modeling, and with the aim to create an algorithmically perfect replica that...
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MixWave: Benson Germanium Boost Out Now!
  It's a deceptively simple device on paper. In reality, it accomplishes what people reach to a compressor for; it enhances the good parts of a signal, while de-emphasizing the unwanted bits. It’s basically a magic button that makes things sound...
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MixWave: Luke Holland is out now!
Captured during the recording of Jason Richardson's "II",  Luke's inaugural sample library serves as a masterclass in what's possible in modern drum engineering. Tight, punchy, and precisely tuned, the library has been built to cut through even the densest mixes...
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