Gojira - Mario Duplantier v1.1.0 update is out now

The MixWave: Gojira - Mario Duplantier version 1.1.0 update is out now. Three new drums have been added featuring a pair of high and low timbales and an all original Babar that Mario has been personally using recently on tour. This update is completely free for existing customers. 

Installing updates through Native Access



  • Babar, Timbale High and Timbale Low Samples


  • Kick Room Mixed Samples (Noise Reduction)
  • Various Overhead and Room samples for Brass Snare (Noise Reduction)
  • Various Room Mixed Samples for Wood Snare (Noise Reduction)
  • Room Samples for Rack Tom 1 (Hit/Rim), Rack Tom 2 (Hit/Rim), Foor Tom (Hit/Rim) & Stick clicks (Noise Reduction)


  • General MIDI Mapping (Mapped Plate Hit Articulation to G#2)
  • Updated Snapshot 03 Tight Kit Room sub channel volumes set to 0
  • Snapshot 07 Roomy Kit Crash 1 & 2, Rack Tom 1, Rack Tom 2, Floor Tom & Sticks Room mic volumes.
  • Snapshot 11 Fast and Metal Room sub channel volumes set to 0
  • Rack Tom 1 Hit/Rim Close Mic, Rack Tom 2 Hit/Rim Close Mic and Floor Tom Hit/Rim Close Mic Mixed zone volumes

MixWave: Gojira - Mario Duplantier

The iconic, heavy-hitting sound of Gojira’s Mario Duplantier.