Benson Chimera Collection v1.1.0 update available now

The MixWave: Benson Chimera Collection version 1.1.0 update is now available. Additional updates have been made for the Benson Germanium Boost (v1.0.4), Benson Germanium Fuzz (v1.0.3), Benson Preamp (v1.0.3), and Benson Tall Bird (v1.0.3) that are also available. This update is completely free for existing customers. 

Download MixWave: Benson Chimera Collection 1.1.0



  • New input and output compressor and equalizer


  • Overdrive output level on stereo mode
  • Amp noise when oversampling set at 8x


  • iLok compatibility for Benson Chimera (v1.1.0), Benson Germanium Boost (v1.0.4), Benson Germanium Fuzz (v1.0.3), Benson Preamp (v1.0.3), and Benson Tall Bird (v1.0.3)

IMPORTANT: In this update, Input Filter On/Off, Input High-pass Frequency, Input Low-pass Frequency, Output Filter On/Off, Output High-pass Frequency, Output Low-pass Frequency parameter automation from Benson Chimera version below v1.1.0 will not be loaded.

MixWave: Benson Chimera Collection

Component-modeled for the most accurate recreation of Benson's Chimera amplifier.