Benson Germanium Boost

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It's a deceptively simple device on paper. In reality, it accomplishes what people reach to a compressor for; it enhances the good parts of a signal, while de-emphasizing the unwanted bits. It’s basically a magic button that makes things sound more musical.

We present, MixWave: Benson Germanium Boost.

MixWave: Benson Germanium Boost


Level Knob Adjusts the amount of the Boost effect

Bypass Switch Turns the effect on or off

Mix Blends the levels of the dry and processed signal

MixWave: Germanium Boost

Built-in tools for instant mix-ready results

MixWave: Germanium Boost

Fully featured user interface

MixWave: Germanium Boost

Works beautifully on mono or stereo signals

Included in the Benson Chimera Collection

Get the Benson Germanium Boost and more by upgrading to the Benson Chimera Collection.

MixWave: Germanium Boost

System requirements

Benson Germanium Boost comes in 64-bit VST3 / AU / AAX
Mac OSX 11 Big Sur (Intel & M1 Native)
Windows 10 or Newer (64-bit)
iLok License Manager & iLok account required (Free)
For more system requirements information, visit our Support Page.

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