Thomas Pridgen Drums
Thomas Pridgen Drums
Thomas Pridgen Drums

Thomas Pridgen Drums

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A sample library that stands on its own as much as Thomas does within the drum community.


Thomas Pridgen Drums

Mix ready drums

Complete control

...and then some

Built for Kontakt

Compatible with Native Instruments Hardware

Jay Diggs Playthrough: Thomas Pridgen

Jason Richardson Playthrough: Thomas Pridgen

Kit specs

DW Jazz Series
22” Kick
Signature Snare: 14” DW Jazz Series
Pop Snare: 14" DW Jazz Series
Big Snare: 14” Ludwig Black Beauty
Edge Snare: 14” DW Maple Edge
DW Jazz Series
10” Rack Tom
12” Rack Tom
16” Floor Tom
18” Floor Tom
16” Zildjian K Hihats
12” Zildjian A Hihats
17” Zildjian Constantinople Crash
20” Zildjian K Cluster Crash
21” Zildjian K Complex Ride
14” Wuhan China
10” Zildjian K Splash
8” Zildjian FX Stacker
14” Baldman Junk Hat
11/13/15” Zildjian Clap Stack
18/17” Zildjian Stack
18” Zildjian Spiral FX Crash

System requirements