Thomas Pridgen Drums
Thomas Pridgen Drums
Thomas Pridgen Drums

Thomas Pridgen Drums

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A sample library that stands on its own as much as Thomas does within the drum community.


Thomas Pridgen Drums

Mix ready drums

Complete control

...and then some



Jay Diggs Playthrough: Thomas Pridgen

Jason Richardson Playthrough: Thomas Pridgen

How To: Installing Thomas Pridgen Drums

Kit specs

DW Jazz Series
22” Kick
Signature Snare: 14” DW Jazz Series
Pop Snare: 14" DW Jazz Series
Big Snare: 14” Ludwig Black Beauty
Edge Snare: 14” DW Maple Edge
DW Jazz Series
10” Rack Tom
12” Rack Tom
16” Floor Tom
18” Floor Tom
16” Zildjian K Hihats
12” Zildjian A Hihats
17” Zildjian Constantinople Crash
20” Zildjian K Cluster Crash
21” Zildjian K Complex Ride
14” Wuhan China
10” Zildjian K Splash
8” Zildjian FX Stacker
14” Baldman Junk Hat
11/13/15” Zildjian Clap Stack
18/17” Zildjian Stack
18” Zildjian Spiral FX Crash

Built for Kontakt

Compatible with Native Instruments Hardware

System requirements

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