Benson Tall Bird

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A unique and versatile all-tube spring reverb unit. Producing lush, sonorous tones ranging from polite and clean, to a euphonic and cavernous reverb by overdriving the reverb tank.

Accuretly modeled by using proprietary convolution response techniques to closely match what how the spring tank responds to signal, specifically in regards to the clipping and distortion characteristics of the original unit.

By modeling two separate reverb tanks, we were able to create a versatile tool for mixing by allowing reverb to be applied in stereo.

We present, MixWave: Benson Tall Bird.

MixWave: Benson Tall Bird


Dry The dry signal path in the original unit runs through tubes and has a light sweetening effect to signal. Unity gain is approximately at noon, and it can be turned all the way up for a boost, and all the way down to cut the dry signal completely.

Tube Bypass Engage or disengage the tube dry path.

Wet Controls the wet reverb signal output.

Dwell Adjusts how hard the tank is driven. Turned up can lead to a slightly saturated reverb sound, and effects the harmonics in the dry path as well.

Bypass Switch Turns the reverb on or off

Built-in tools for instant mix-ready results

Fully featured user interface

Works beautifully on mono or stereo signals

Included in the Benson Chimera Collection

Get the Benson Tall Bird and more by upgrading to the Benson Chimera Collection.

System requirements

Benson Tall Bird comes in 64-bit VST3 / AU / AAX
Mac OSX 11 Big Sur (Intel & M1 Native)
Windows 10 or Newer (64-bit)
iLok License Manager & iLok account required (Free)
For more system requirements information, visit our Support Page.

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